Fist of the Sun
Part of the in-house BMC trading card series: Scicards, this card explores the powerful punch of the Peacock Mantis Shrimp




Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


BMC Scicards 2021

Target Audience

Trading card and science enthusiasts

Date completed

September 18, 2021


To create a mock trading card depicting a special feature of an organism.


The Scicards project was a fun one to be a part of, especially because I grew up collecting trading cards from franchises like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. This was an opportunity for me to tune in to the nostalgia and create something that reminisced my childhood.

Earlier in the year, I saw a video of a Mantis shrimp that punched through a fisherman’s scuba suit and tore a hole in it. As I was thinking for an organism to illustrate, the Mantis shrimp came to mind and I thought would be a perfect subject given its superpower-like punch.


I decided to create a dynamic front cover that depicted what it would look like right before a punch from the shrimp landed. While in the back, I wanted an explanatory sequence of its appendage’s mechanism.


After doing the final linework from the initial sketches, I laid down the base flats with vibrant colors that resembled a real Mantis shrimp. Then, the shadows were added using Multiply layers and the highlights were added using Overlay layers. Finally, a darker background was added to mimic the ocean’s atmosphere but it was juxtaposed with bright and fluorescent lighting that exaggerated the force and speed of the punch.


Some variations of the icon were created but the final icon played off the name of the shrimp’s punch that I dubbed the ‘Fist of the Sun’ in a simplistic way.