A comic following Poki as he navigates a pandemic while staying hopeful for the future ahead




Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Vesalius Trust (2021)

Target Audience

General audience

Date completed

September 25, 2021


To create a scientific communication piece with the theme 'A path forward'


This comic was created for the Vesalius Trust 2021 Trust-A-Thon Challenge. A group of fellow BMC classmates and I tackled the given theme of ‘A path forward’ with a comic idea that channeled our yearning for a better future after the pandemic. The story of Postdemic follows Poki, a boy swept up by the grievings and hopes of the pandemic, and his optimistic friend, Lili. 

The story follows two acts, the first act details his account of the current pandemic and the events that follow which are full of fear, chaos, and uncertainty. The second act is our hopeful lookout towards both Poki’s future and ours. It is filled with futuristic ideas of what human interactivity could look like post-pandemic, while at the same time highlighting human perseverance and togetherness.



Final Copy